Saskatoon Arabidopsis T-DNA mutant population
SK Collection


We have developed a population of almost 50,000 activation tagged A. thaliana lines that have been archived as individual lines to the T3 generation. The population is an excellent tool for both reverse and forward genetic screens and has been used successfully to identify a number of novel mutants. Flanking sequence tags (FST) have been generated and mapped for 15,507 lines to enable further application of the population, while providing a clear distribution of T-DNA insertions across the genome. The population is being screened for a number of biochemical and developmental phenotypes. The population provides an additional tool for plant researcher's to assist with determining gene function for the many as yet uncharacterised genes annotated within the Arabidopsis genome sequence. The presence of enhancer elements on the inserted T-DNA element (pSKI015) allows both knock-out and dominant activation phenotypes to be identified for traits of interest.



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The SK population is a freely available public resource


These lines can be obtained by contacting:


1. Lily Tang -


2. Isobel Parkin -


The lines containing identified FST sequences will be deposited at the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Centre (



This collection and the population from which they are derived are described by Robinson et al., (2009). An archived activated tagged population of Arabidopsis thaliana to facilitate forward genetics approaches. BMC Plant Biology 2009, 9:101.


Robinson, S.J. and Parkin I.A.P. (2009). Bridging the gene-to-function knowledge gap through functional genomics. Methods Mol Biol. 513:153-73