The “Canadian Canola Sequencing Initiative” (Can-Seq) is a collaborative project involving the Plant Biotechnology Institute, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Genome Alberta and Industrial partners (listed below). The goal of the project is to sequence the genome of Brassica species starting with the B. rapa genome as part of the Multinational Brassica rapa Sequencing Project (MBrSP). Brassica rapa was selected as the first “U triangle” Brassica species (Fig. 1) to be sequenced because it has a lower density of dispersed repeats and a simpler genome than B. napus, which is a natural allotetraploid. In addition, similar traits are controlled by homologous genes among the different species. Finally extensive resources have already developed for B. rapa, in particular by Korea who initiated the project. This website provides access to the CanSeq project data for the CanSeq partners. The goal of the three year project is to develop genomics resources for Brassica crop species (all three genomes: A, B and C). The specific three year objectives of CanSeq are:

  1. To complete the genome of Brassica rapa (Chiffu) in collaboration with the International community (China, UK, Korea, Australia, US and France).
  2. Re-sequence an oilseed B. rapa genome using the Illumina GAIIx platform.
  3. Develop a whole genome shot-gun (WGS) of the B. oleracea genome using a combination of Illumina and Roche 454 sequencing technologies in collaboration with researchers in the US, UK and France.
  4. Draft sequence of B. napus – using B. rapa and B. oleracea as reference sequences.
  5. Re-sequencing of 16 B. napus lines selected by the project partners.
  6. Initiate sequencing of additional Brassica species.

With the current interest in the Brassica community and the continued advances in sequencing technologies we envisage that all Brassica species that belong to U’s triangle will be completely sequenced by 2013 (Fig. 2).

Figure 1: U’s triangle. Modification of original work by Mike Jones. Figure 2: Vision for elucidating the genomes of all Brassica species.

Project Data

The project data associated with completion of the B. rapa (Chiffu) genome sequence will be made publically available as part of the Multinational project ( www.brassica.info).

     Access to sequenced BACs

     Access to Project Data for Collaborators Only

TO1000 Data (gzipped)

     B.oleracea version 2.1 Genome Sequence

     B.oleracea version 2.1 CDS

     B.oleracea version 2.1 GFF3

     B.oleracea version 2.1 Protein Sequences


The Multinational Brassica Genome Project (MBGP)

The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR)


Project Leaders: Andrew Sharpe
 Isobel Parkin
Project Manager: Faouzi Bekkaoui
Bioinformatics Group Leaders:   Jacek Nowak
  Matthew Links
Technical Officers:   Carrie Haimanot
  Carling Tallon
Bioinformatics Specialist:   Kevin Koh
Technician:   Robert Wood